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Calling All Storytellers

If you've ever dreamed of capturing not only photos but incorporating the magic of video into your family sessions, stay with me. Welcome to "Families in Motion" – where your family photography skills seamlessly transition into emotional and fun family films.

Why Offer Family Films?

Stand Out in a Saturated Market. Do you sometimes feel lost in a sea of photographers? Adding family videography to your skill set is the game-changer you've been waiting for. Stand out, be noticed, and become the go-to photographer for families seeking something truly special.

Unlock New Avenues of Income. Families desire more than static photos; they crave an immersive experience. By offering premium packages that include both photos and family films, you not only differentiate yourself but also enhance your income potential with the same amount of clients.

Memories That Bring Them Back: Imagine giving your clients something so precious that it brings a tear to their eyes when they see it. That's the magic of family videos. They're not just keepsakes; they're emotional time capsules that capture the laughter, the hugs, the unspoken love. When your clients see these moments brought to life, they'll be more than just happy—they'll be deeply moved. This emotional connection not only brings them back to you for more captured memories but also inspires them to share your name with everyone they know.

Marketing Power: Video content is highly shareable on social media and can help you attract more attention and engagement online.

Personal Growth: Learning videography is a valuable skill that can enhance your overall photography skills and creativity, making you a better-rounded artist.

Adapt to Trends: As video becomes more and more popular in digital marketing and on social media platforms, offering video services helps you stay up-to-date with the changing trends in the industry.

What Will I Learn in This Course?

You'll start out learning the basics of video and an explanation of the settings. You'll see hand-held stabilization techniques and camera movements, as well as some different ways to deal with lighting when shooting video. I walk you through how exactly to craft a beautiful story with your footage.

Next, you'll learn tips for working with clients (how to prep them, behavior during your session, etc), some different options for video delivery, how to price your videos and some changes you should make to your contract. Next I'll give you ideas for building a portfolio, and lots of marketing tips so your clients will be excited to try out your newest offer.

Then you'll get to watch the complete behind the scenes video of me simultaneously taking photos and videos at a session. If you love watching the action unfold, this is for you.

Lastly, you'll learn all about editing your video clips to turn them into a beautiful family film.

What Editing Programs Are Covered?

I'll walk you through the editing process in Premiere Pro, and in a dedicated module, I'll demonstrate how to seamlessly apply that knowledge to iMovie. The fundamental concepts taught are applicable across various editing programs, making the skills easily transferable to the editing software of your choice.

Editing is often the most intimidating part

(I know that was my biggest barrier to getting started with video)

so I break it down into easy steps and show you how to edit a video in real time.

You'll learn how to make a family film like the one below:

"This is the best online course I have ever taken. Becca is a gifted teacher and a brilliant photographer-videographer, but my favorite thing about this course is that it feels like spending time with a friend. She shares every step of her own videography process —in detail —and provides specific actionable steps so that I left the course feeling not only like I CAN DO IT, but also I’m EXCITED to do it! If you’ve wanted to try videography but are intimidated by Adobe Premiere or have tried shooting video but it just doesn’t look professional, this course is what you need. I’m going to tell everyone who even mentions wanting to learn videography. I feel lucky I found this course!"

-Melissa Miller Photos | Gig Harbor, Washington

Things You'll Need

Professional Camera: Ensure your camera is capable of shooting video in 1080p at 60fps (most countries) or 50fps (Uk & Europe). Just google your camera video specs!

Wide Lens: A lens with a focal length of 24mm, 35mm, or 50mm (fixed or zoom) is needed. Longer lenses can be challenging to keep steady for handheld video.

Extras: In the course, we'll explore additional tools that can enhance your videography experience. I've got you covered with both free and paid options to suit your preferences and budget.

What You're Getting

7 hours of content, all taught via pre-recorded video

Lifetime access to the course, plus any updates

Self-paced learning so you can go as fast or as slow as you need

Course Modules and Lessons:

Module 1: Shooting Video

Lesson 1 : Getting Started/The Basics

Lesson 2: Stabilizing and Camera Movements

Lesson 3: Shooting modes and Changing Settings

Lesson 4: Crafting Your Story

Lesson 5: Working With Natural Lighting

Lesson 6: Beginner's Roadmap

Module 2: Client Success

Lesson 1: Working With Clients

Lesson 2: Delivering Videos

Lesson 3: Pricing & Legalities

Lesson 4: Portfolio Building and Marketing

Module 3: Behind The Scenes

Lesson 1: Intro to BTS

Lesson 2: Final Video (so you know what the end goal is)

Lesson 3: BTS Full Family Session (Maternity session with mom, dad, and 2 little girls)

Module 4: Editing in Premiere Pro

Lesson 1: Editing Options

Lesson 2: Organizing Files

Lesson 3: Video Editing - Creating a Rough Draft

Lesson 4: Choosing Music

Lesson 5: Fitting Clips to Music

Lesson 6: Adding LUTs & Adjusting Color

Lesson 7: Stabilizing Shaky Footage

Lesson 8: Video Transitions

Lesson 9: Intro, Outro, & Export

Lesson 10: Final Video (again, so you can see it after watching the edit)

Module 5: Advanced Techniques

Lesson 1: How to Un-Nest a Clip

Lesson 2: Double Exposure

Lesson 3: Extending the Audio

Lesson 4: Custom Shortcuts

Lesson 5: Cropping for Reels

Lesson 6: Video Critiques

Module 6: Editing with iMovie

Lesson 1: Lightroom Workflow for iMovie

Lesson 2: Using iMovie to Edit a Video

Lesson 3: Comparing Edits - iMovie vs. Premiere Pro

Module 7: Resources/Links

List of Resources and Links


Gain access to the Families in Motion Community, a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback on your films, as well as make some new friends who are in this with you.

Download my LUT (like a preset for video) so your films look amazing

Grab my Premiere Pro Export Preset to make exporting your videos easy

And get Cheat Sheets along the way for quick reference when shooting and editing.

"So much of the value is found in Becca’s teaching style and hearing her thought process as she makes decisions during editing. I was especially pleased with how she explained techniques, demonstrated them, and then showed examples where she used a particular technique in a video. I’m leaving this course feeling like I have the tools to thrive at creating videos and adding value to my client’s experience and my business."

-Storms Photography, Pennsylvania

About Your Teacher: Becca

Hey, I'm Becca – a laid-back mom of two, capturing the messy, candid beauty of family life for over a decade through photos. Videography became my newest love in 2021 and after creating over 40 films, I've distilled my real-deal experience into this course.

I aim to keep things simple, honest, and always friendly. Let's turn your passion for photography into a wonderful adventure in videography together!

Questions about this course:

Q: I’m worried about the learning curve. How beginner-friendly is this course?

A: This course is designed with videography beginners in mind, breaking down the process into manageable steps. You'll gain confidence quickly through bite-sized, easy-to-follow lessons. I've got you covered.

Q: How will this course benefit my photography business?

A: Beyond enhancing your skills, offering family videography will make you stand out in a crowded market, as well as add revenue without having to take on more clients.

Q: Will I need to invest in expensive equipment?

A: Not at all! Use the camera you already have, as long as it can take video in 1080p at 60fps (most countries) or 50fps (Uk & Europe). And you'll need a lens with a focal length somewhere between 24-50mm.

Q: How confident should I be in my photography skills before taking this course?

A: A good grasp of photography and shooting in manual is essential. This course is designed for photographers looking to translate their existing skills into the world of videography.

Q: Does this course cover recording audio?

A: While I'll provide some helpful tips on capturing audio, the focus of the course is on creating visually engaging family films, prioritizing the art of moving pictures without too much fuss. This makes creating videos easy for family photographers focusing on taking photos AND videos during the same session.

Q: Do I need to purchase a bunch of subscriptions to offer videography?

A: I will give you paid and free options for everything, so if you don't want to spend more money, you don't have to.

Q: How long does it take you to edit a video?

A: On average it takes me about 4 hours. It might take you a bit longer to start but you'll soon get the hang of it, especially when you use all my shortcut tips!

Q: Is there any ongoing support or a community for course participants?

A: As a course participant, you'll have access to the exclusive "Families in Motion Community" Facebook group. It's a supportive space where you can connect with fellow videographers, get personalized guidance from me, and share your experiences. This community will be a valuable resource for ongoing support and building connections as you learn and evolve your family videography skills.

"I've been photographing families for years now and one thing that has always been on my heart to try was producing family films! I have tried a few times to research or watch YouTube to help me get started, but it was so overwhelming! There is simply so much to learn that I was lost on where to even begin. Becca's education has always been top notch, so when I heard she created a course on producing family films, I knew I had to take it. This course is not only completely chocked full of helpful information, but it walks you through each step in the process from beginning to end. Becca is such a fantastic teacher and has literally thought of everything! I started this course shaky at best and now I can't wait to get going! I feel fully equipped to start practicing now so that soon I can start creating and offering beautiful family films for my own clients. If you are on the fence about this course, this is your sign to just go for it. You will not regret it!"

-Melena Lawson Photography, West Virginia

Payment Options

"I have been a student of Becca for years now and I truly can appreciate all her work put into all her courses. They are simplified enough to understand each step and not as intimidating as you would think. About 9 months ago, Becca mentored me on how to create family films. Since then my films have been such a special piece to offer clients and a boost in my sales. She's down to earth and so easy to understand. I had the opportunity to beta test this course and I even learned some new tips and tricks!!! She shares it all, no secrets in her courses. I know as a photographer it can be hard to invest in so many courses but if you’re really wanting to take your business to another level invest in this one!!"

-CC Portraits, Oregon